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A Foolproof Way to Get Great Online Reviews Without Asking for Them (Part 1 of 2)

Lets not beat about the bush and get straight to the pointYou are here because you want to get more business from onlineGreat!  This five minute read will show you exactly how

“You’re wasting one of your best assets”
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You’ve served your customer well

Give them their receipt and they go on their merry way

Some might mention to their friends and family how great you were and that’s where it ends

You’ve just wasted one of your best moments to promote your business

Great online reviews are the best form of advertising money can’t buy

A report by Brightlocal recently said that 87% of Potential Customers Won’t Consider Businesses With Low Ratings”

You need to stop letting your happiest customers float away and nudge them to start praising you online

But… how do you ask?

Answer: You don’t ask them – no embarrassment – no neadiness 

Hand them a leaflet with their invoice or change asking them to answer just one feedback question

That’s it

Their answer will split your customers into two camps

1. The happiest raving fans who are asked to help you by writing a quick review online

2. The rest – who are asked for private feedback of how things could be improved

Test it out for yourself by clicking the demo link below

Maybe you’ve never thought about getting feedback or promotion from online reviews.

“The one thing in life that is constant is change.”

At first asking for reviews may seem alien – what you’ll find out is priceless. Some of the benefits include:-

1. Good Customer Reviews are Basically Free Advertising

2. They Will Get Read – Unlike 95% of Paid For Adverting

3. Potential Customers Believe & Trust Them

Why don’t you see what they can do for you with a free month long trial?

There’s no extra work for you to do – no payment details required and there’s no obligation to continue.